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        About listStrategic Planning

        Value Proposition: An overall distribution optimization solution provider.
        Strategic Positioning: A leading brand of overall distribution optimization solution.
        Through the above proposition and positioning, YOURJAI aims to provide users with the best electricity scheme design and the most reasonable distribution equipment configuration, reduce energy consumption and loss, improve the utilization rate of funds, meet the unmet and constantly changing needs of users, offer customized transformer usage plan, and design customized products and services according to different user load characteristics, so as to enhance user value.
        Brand Vision: To become an overall distribution optimization solution provider in the future. We are a strong brand of distribution transformers nationwide. YOURJAI provides not only the products but also the whole package of distribution services!
        Strategic Goal: The turnover of the Company will reach CNY One billion, and develop as a group, within three years. Realize the goal of listing within 5 years!
        Prospective Goal: Become the most valuable, respected and socially responsible company in the global power industry!