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        Zhejiang Yongjin Highway

        Zhejiang Yongjin Highway

        Zhejiang Yongjin Highway

        Project Background: The total investment of Yongjin Highway is CNY7.52 billion. In around 2003, Jinhua section, Ningbo section and Shaoxing section began construction successively and the whole project lasted for approximately three years. The completion and acceptance of the project is of great significance to further improve the highway network in Zhejiang Province.

        Yongjin Highway is an important link in the highway planning network of “2 latitudinal lines, 2 longitudinal lines, 18 connections, 3 detours, 3 channels” of Zhejiang Province, and also one of the “Five Ten-billion” construction projects of the Province, and has been listed in the key highway construction projects of China. It connects Eastern Zhejiang and Central Zhejiang, and to the north, opens up a new route to Shanghai through Hangyong Highway and Hangzhou Bay Cross-Sea Bridge, and to the south, gets through to Western Zhejiang and Southwestern Zhejiang via Hangjinqu and Longli Highways. It has the pivotal position in the entire highway network of Zhejiang Province.

        Application of Products: 8 sets of SG10 non-encapsulated dry-type transformer of YOURJAI using German technology are applied to the construction of part of the Project.