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        Beijing Olympics Velodrome Project

        Beijing Olympics Velodrome Project

        Project Background of Beijing Olympic

        Velodrome Project: The Laoshan Velodrome of 2008 Olympics is one of the main venues of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The General Administration of Sport of China undertakes the construction management of this Project. It is located in the west of Beijing, with the existing construction of the Cycling and Fencing Administration Center of the General Administration of Sport of China in the east, the Bajiao Park in the south, the West 5th Ring Road in the west and the standby 101 railway in the north. The planned area and the floor area of this Project are about 6.65 hectares and 30,000 sqm, respectively. Upon completion, it may accommodate 6,000 spectators. It is an important venue for the 2008 Olympics.

        Application of Products: In the invitation for bids of transformer for the Laoshan Velodrome project, the SC(B)epoxy transformer of Ningbo YOURJAI won the bidding among many competitors with its excellent product quality and energy saving feature.